Company Profile


BioTech Support was founded in March 2011 and is a new company in the sector of laboratorial support that focuses its activities on the very sensitive sector of supporting medical equipment and their accessories.


The new trends in the market of diagnostic-medical equipment and the high cost for the companies of providing the proper support, rendersthe presence of our companyan imperative solution to the problem in this specific market.


We have the ambition to play an important role in the sector of supporting diagnostic instruments. This is guaranteed by the fact that the co-founders of this company have been working more than 25 years in the market always in the first line inside the laboratories.


Framed by young and willing associates, we aspire that we can constitute a serious and reliable force, by the side of many companies in the market, as well as many labs.


Co-founders of the company are: Ch. Giannopoulos (FSR Abbott Laboratories), Tr. Kontogiorgos (Ex-Service Manager Manarini Diagnostics), and Th. Skliris (Ex-Service Manager Abbott Laboratories).


Our philosophy has to do with “outsourcing”, a policy which is used by many companies worldwide, in order to maximize efficiency with simultaneous saving of resources.


BioTech Support comes to supplement/cover the sensitive sector of technical support to the companies in the market of diagnostic equipment as well as labs.


Our objective is not to substitute the technical departments of other companies, but to supplement them by undertaking tasks that are time and money consuming to them.

Therefore our main activities are:


Maintenance-Installation of hyper-clean water systems in the laboratorial sector

For this reason we collaborate with the biggest companies of this sector in the universal market and their representatives in Greece.

Refurbish-Recondition of medical-diagnostic equipment.
Support-Maintenance Services of diagnostic instruments, at the customer site.
Advisory Services of organizing and creating a diagnostic lab.
Retail-Wholesale trade of water processing systems.
Human Recources Outsourcing services.


Tech Support


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