Repair & Maintenance Services on medical devices & analyzers
With the maintenance & repair services the target is to allow our customers to obtain savings and operate free from the day to day supervision of a technical objective. Our services are divided as following:

Refurbished Services
"BioTech technical Support provides services of refurbishing analyzers (biochemical, hematological, immunological, etc.) with excellent results, which is guaranteed by more than three decades of experience of its engineers."

Preventive Maintenance services
Patient and user assurance goes through the proper preventive maintenance of the device which should be in accordance with the manufacturer's manual instructions.
Our long experience in the maintenance of analyzers, in combination with the achievement of economies of scale, allow the preventive maintenance of the equipment in accordance to the manufacturer's manual with lower proportional costs.

Targeting the full transparency, rule of the company is the return to the customer of all the used spare parts and a lump sum pricing per device so that customer knows exactly and in advance the total preventive maintenance cost.

Our company guarantees the quality of services and is putting its relevant sticker with a summary and the guarantee of our work. We are able to do this because all our technicians have previously been properly trained by the manufacturer or his representative in the technical support of the particular device

Main activity of our company is the proper maintenance of medical devices and with our guaranteed services we provide to patients and users the expected assurance.


Repair Services
Our company undertakes the repair of any technical issue may occur. Prerequisite, according to our company policy, is the precedent preventive maintenance of the device by our company for at least a year.

In the repair service activity, we offer jointly defined response times (S.L.A.), which is differentiated by geographic region.

Again targeting the full transparency, we have clear pricing model since also in this case we ensure the return to the customer of all the used spare parts and/plus our fees are determined by the hourly fee rate, which is differentiated by geographic region, times the total worked hours.

In this way our customer can forecast with accuracy the annual repair costs of the devices.


Tech Support


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